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Photo showcasing the skyline of Istanbul at night

Nigerians, Invest in Turkish Real Estate

6 Reasons Why Turkey is an Attractive Destination for Real Estate Investment for Nigerians 1. Second Citizenship Options for Nigerians: Nigeria has experienced a massive migration over the past few years, with many Nigerians looking for a better quality of life abroad. While some choose to move to Europe and North America, others are now considering alternative options for second citizenship, and Turkey...

Investing in Real Estate in Istanbul and Lagos: A Comparative Analysis

Istanbul and Lagos are two of the most vibrant cities in the world. Both cities have their unique characteristics, but their real estate markets both have plenty to offer. In this blog post, we will compare the real estate markets of Istanbul and Lagos and put into consideration population growth, demand growth, property prices, standard of living, and property appreciation in both cities. The real...

Turkey, The New Dubai, Investments, Business Hub, And Tourism.

Today, Istanbul is heralded as the new Dubai and is becoming a massive global business hub. Turquoise waters, historical monuments, a booming tourism sector, and Turkey's increasingly important geopolitical position in the Middle East have put it on the map. These factors are attracting investors from around the world so here is a closer look at what's happening in Turkey and the investment...

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