Resident permit

The resident permit process is made easy with your Title Deed or Proof of ownership, which you obtain after purchasing a property worth 15,000USD & above.

Resident Permit Application Process

Turkish Citizenship.

Let’s break down for the process to apply Turkish Citizenship.

Citizenship Application Process.


Payment & Confirmation

The deed office will send your files to the general directorate, after confirming your payment, evaluation report and official sales price, a confirmation certificate is issued to you.


Resident permit application

Next step would be to apply for a resident permit (if not done already) which is ready within 2 weeks. You cannot apply for Citizenship without obtaining a resident permit first.


Submission of your citizenship Application.

Submitting the citizenship file is not a single process. The citizenship office sends your documents to the ministry of interior, which runs a standard background check on your documents after which it proceeds to the presidency office.


Presidency's Approval

The presidency’s office approves your citizenship request, issues you a document validating your Turkish citizenship. The processes listed above take about 3-4 months to complete.


Passport Application

With your citizenship you could then apply for a Turkish passport. if outside Turkey you can apply at any Turkish embassy and they’ll issue you a passport.


Location/Power of Attorney

Being in turkey is not required to complete any of these steps listed above, all you have to do is grant power of attorney, this allows us to work the process on your behalf thereby making it a smooth and easy journey with your passport delivered right to you.


Required documents

Birth certificate, Marriage certificate (If you’re married), Passport copy & Power of attorney.
These documents must be verified by the issuing government and also by the Turkish embassy in that country.

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