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Why you need our Procurement Consulting Service.

You have a construction project with hundreds of different materials, of course you could reach producers and suppliers on the internet. However, it’s a difficult task to determine a firm’s reliability or ability to reach your expectations.

Siyah Agents Consulting

”We believe your time is valuable, so as usual you sit back and relax while we do all the groundwork.”

Through our company TPROP Consulting, We manage the procurement process for the minimum cost in a short time with optimum material solutions suitable for your project. With our budget- friendly system, you can use the time you save to increase the efficiency of your project.

Procurement Process.


Factory Confirmation & Quality Control

Factory visits, assuring necessary controls, preparation of photographs and visual reports, sending samples and product tests So that your initial visits are all completed without your presence.


Negotiation & Best Pricing

We are by your side through both the online and face to face meetings. We pre- evaluate the factors that might benefit you, because our aim is your satisfaction and the continuity of cooperation.

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