Important Turkish social integration programs for Foreigners

Social Integration Assistance for Foreign Citizens in Turkey for the elderly and disabled (Sosyal Uyum Yardımı SUY)

Social Integration Assistance for Foreigners by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services provides Social Integration Assistance to foreign citizens in order to provide temporary or international protection to people living in Turkey.

There are criteria for people making a request for assistance, The people who will benefit from the aid as a result of the researches are provided with the Red Card, and apart from refugees, there are many foreign nationals residing in our country. Since there are financial problems in the process of getting used to and adapting to our country, many of them cannot make a living. Some assistance is provided by the state so that these people do not suffer while continuing their lives in another country. Social Cohesion Assistance is one of them.

The aid program prepared for foreigners is only given to people who meet the conditions. The amount to be paid is given according to the number of people in the household. A regular payment is made per person per month. The ESSN Program is a social assistance program with the partnership between the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the Turkish Red Crescent.

Who Can Participate in the ESSN Program?

Only certain people can benefit from the program prepared for foreigners. Persons who are outside the refugees, residing in the country and in need can benefit from the applicants. Apart from this, it is necessary that no one in the household where the people who will benefit from the assistance are in possession of social security. All foreigners, including Syrians, whose identity number starts with 99, will be able to benefit from those who meet the conditions.

Social Compliance Assistance Criteria

Persons who will apply for assistance must meet at least one of the specified criteria. These criteria can be listed as follows;

Households aged 60 or over and no other adult in the household between the ages of 18-59,
Households with only one woman and no one else living
Households with a minimum of one 40% disability (Disabled report must be documented with a hospital health report.)
Households with a minimum of 4 children under the age of 18,
Households where there is only one person between the ages of 18-59 and at least one person who has not completed the age of 18 are also among the criteria, and if there is an individual aged 60 or over, he will also participate.
Families with elderly, children and disabled individuals in the household that are under the responsibility of the person (In the determined criteria, the healthy people in the household between the ages of 18-59 will be determined by the number of 1.5 or more dependents per person.)

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