Couple in central istanbul looking at apartments

10 Essential Tips for Renting an Apartment in Istanbul

Introduction to Renting in Istanbul: Istanbul is a thriving city with a rich history, stunning architecture, and a vibrant culture. If you're planning to rent an apartment in Istanbul, you'll want to make sure you find the perfect place to call home. Here are 10 essential tips to help you navigate the rental market and find your ideal apartment in Istanbul. Choosing the Right Apartment Visit multiple...

Global Peace Rep and International Lawyer Mr. Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan about Turkey earthquake

The Urgent Need for an Earthquake Commission in Turkey

Global Peace Rep. calls on the UN for a World Earthquake Commission Global Peace Representative and Famous International Lawyer Mr. Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan has called on the United Nations Secretary General to establish an earthquake commission in Turkey and also around the world . Mr. Kalkan believes that the recent earthquake in Turkey which has has left many people without homes is being managed by Turkey...

Picture illustration showing the importance of Turkey's Geographic location on the global scale

Turkey’s Geographic Location: A Strategic Advantage in a Global Context

Introducing Turkey's Geographic Location Turkey's Geographic Location at the nexus of Europe and Asia, Turkey has long enjoyed a distinct geographic advantage, allowing it to capitalize on opportunities in various sectors, from defense to maritime to technology. This article delves into how Turkey leverages its prime location to bolster its international influence and solidify its strategic...

Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property

Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property

Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property click here to see our property listings on www.siyahagents.com If you're looking to invest in a lucrative industry with a stable return, real estate is the perfect option for you. Real estate is the land, buildings, and natural resources like minerals, air, and water, as well as any improvements made to the property, such as buildings, fences,...

Important Turkish social integration programs for Foreigners

Social Integration Assistance for Foreign Citizens in Turkey for the elderly and disabled (Sosyal Uyum Yardımı SUY) Social Integration Assistance for Foreigners by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services provides Social Integration Assistance to foreign citizens in order to provide temporary or international protection to people living in Turkey. There are criteria for people making a...

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