Turkey Real Estate market insights, Tourism news & tips and General residency/citizenship information.

Siyah Agents: Your Gateway to Real Estate Excellence in Nigeria, Turkey, and Dubai

At Siyah Agents, we take pride in being more than just a real estate company. We are your strategic...
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Couple in central istanbul looking at apartments

10 Essential Tips for Renting an Apartment in Istanbul

Introduction to Renting in Istanbul: Istanbul is a thriving city with a rich history, stunning...
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Global Peace Rep and International Lawyer Mr. Ihsan Mehmet Kalkan about Turkey earthquake

The Urgent Need for an Earthquake Commission in Turkey

Global Peace Rep. calls on the UN for a World Earthquake Commission Global Peace Representative...
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Picture illustration showing the importance of Turkey's Geographic location on the global scale

Turkey’s Geographic Location: A Strategic Advantage in a Global Context

Introducing Turkey's Geographic Location Turkey's Geographic Location at the nexus of...
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Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property

Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property

Real Estate: The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Property click here to see our property listings...
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Turkey Real Estate: Your Gateway to Second Citizenship

Discover how investing in Turkish real estate can be a smart and reliable path to obtaining second...
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Photo showcasing the skyline of Istanbul at night

Nigerians, Invest in Turkish Real Estate

6 Reasons Why Turkey is an Attractive Destination for Real Estate Investment for Nigerians 1....
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Document showing taxes, to show what type of taxes are available in Turkish Real Estate

What You Need to Know about Property Taxes in Turkey

What Types of Properties Attract Taxes Investing in Turkey's real estate market is becoming more...
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Navigating the Turkish Property Market: Challenges and Opportunities

Property Prices in Turkey The Turkish housing market is facing an unprecedented crisis due to high...
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Real Estate 101: Why Young Investors Should Pay Attention

5 Reasons Why Young Investors Should Consider Real Estate As a young investor, it's important to...
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Investing in Real Estate in Istanbul and Lagos: A Comparative Analysis

Istanbul and Lagos are two of the most vibrant cities in the world. Both cities have their unique...
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Purchasing Property In Turkey Safely – Tips & Advice

One of the most popular investment options worldwide is Turkish real estate, and for good reasons....
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